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Winter Hiking


Schliersee offers a great variety of winter hiking trails. The classic hikes are “Around the Schliersee”along a single lane road free of traffic as well as “Around the Spitzingsee “ or “From Spitzingsee to the Forsthaus Valepp “


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German Curling is a sport with a long tradition, especially in winter . It can be practiced on ice or other surfaces like asphalt or plastic.


Information:  Mrs Budai Tel 0152/05684971


Information Spitzingsee Nikolaus Gumberger Tel 08026/2198

Ice Skating


A wonderful experience on a sunny winter day ! The two lakes “Schliersee” and “Spitzingsee are usually frozen during winter time and offer a perfect setting for ice skating , ice hockey and German curling. On another site, called “Freudenberg” , you can find a natural ice rink that is prepared every winter. Be careful!

 For more inforamtion please contact Stefan Hornfeck Tel 08026/2177

Walking or skating on the lakes at your own risk!

Sleigh rides

Peter Sprenger,Kalkgraben 4, 83727 Schliersee,Tel: 08026 / 2800, Fax: 08026 / 922005, email:, Familie Hirtreiter,Schießstättstraße 7, 83727 Schliersee, Telefon: 08026/20011,Telefax: 08026/94568 E-Mail:, Internet: Lohnkutschereibetrieb und Imbiss Gottfried Rötzer ,Seestraße 25 , 83727 Schliersee – Spitzingsee, Mobil: 015201472283 Internet:, Fam. Gerold . Fischhauserstrasse 7, D83727 Schliersee, Telefon:0 8026 / 6165, Fax:0 8026 / 9229850 e-Mail:, Internet:

Wanderreiten: Asenbauer Hof, Fischhauserstr. 6 83727 Schliersee, Tel.: 08026/6629, Fax: 08026/922161 email:, Internet:



Winter Fun with family and friends! You can find 3 different tracks above Schliersee. One of them is the old road to Spitzingsee. It is around 1,5 km long and shows a change of altitude of 200 m. From Josefstal hike up the hill towards the new Spitzingstrasse There you find the starting point for an easy, gentle sledding in a beautiful setting. Especially families love this nice afternoon excursion on a winter day .




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