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Local folk theatre


Local folk theatre the renowned Munich architect Emanuel Seidl created designs and plans for the new theatre building.


He did this without charge as a friend Konrad Dreher. The impressive stage curtain was designed by several famous painters of the Munich Artists' Association "Allotria” All new technical features were installed on this stage. Shortly after opening the Schlierseer went on tour. They performed on several European stages and even at the Metropolitan opera in New York.


Today the old tradition of playing comedies goes on with the same passion as 100 years ago.



The Frenchman Xavier Laforêt (1862 - 1940), son of a successful innkeeper was a successful actor and owner of a couple of restaurants in Munich.

At the age of 30, being very famous and wealthy, he was able to acquire the former hotel “Seehhaus” in Schliersee. Shortly later, together with his friend Konrad Dreher, he founded the "Schlierseer Bauerntheater "and gave the adjoining "lake house" the new name”Terofal”, which means “Laforet read backwards”: Top celebrities stayed there in former times.

Even King Louis was a guest at the hotel Terofal. Some locals talk about the movie “Sissi” and say that some scenes were done in Schliersee.


Town Hal

The classy building is one of the most interesting town halls across the foothills of the Alps. The house was built in 1477 and dedicated to St. Sixtus. For a short time it belonged to the cathedral chapter which was moved to Munich in 1488.


In the following years the town hall was a residence for judges and in 1756 it was taken over by a private owner.


Since 1920, the building serves as the town hall after it was rebuilt by renowned artists and craftsmen. An oil painting by the open fireplace on the ground floor shows how the building looked like as a judges’ residence .



Below the “Weinberg”, in the middle of the village, you can find the charming “Radspielerhaus” that was mentioned for the first time in 1474.


It is an example how original houses of local craftsmen looked like in former times. Since the 17 th century the name of the house was “Zum Stidl”. Around 100 years ago a well known merchant from Munich, called Radspieler, bought this building.. A small lane next to it was named after.


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