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St. Bernhard Kirche am Spizingsee (Kopie 1)

St. Bernard Church at Spitzingsee


The church was built in 1937,designed by the Munich architect Friedrich Haindl. Within the construction period in 1938 the tower collapsed during a heavy downpour. However shortly later it was finished in the same year.


In 1843 it was confiscated by the former regime and Spitzingsee was supposed to be flooded as the lake level should be increased artificially by 17 meters and converted to a reservoir for a power plant. Fortunately the plans were not carried out.


The church was dedicated to the patron for alpinists St.Bernard of Menthone and has been modled on a medieval fortified church. In the years 1999 and 2000 it was extensively refurbished.

St. Joseph-Pfarrkirche in Neuhaus (Kopie 1)

St. Joseph's parish church in Neuhaus


1950 purchase of a residential property at the Josefstaler Strasse for a youth center of the archdiocese, inaugurated in 1952 and at the same time construction of a new church. Consecration on October 18, 1953.


Among other objects of interest it contains an impressive Pieta, carved from one log and a bronze tabernacle showing the Holy Communion.

Evang. Luth. Apostel-Petrus-Kirche in Neuhaus

Lutheran “Apostel Petrus “ Church in Neuhaus


On July 21, 1963 the foundation stone was placed for a separate Protestant church in Neuhaus.


The consecration took place on August 16, 1964.


The Lutheran Church named their new church “Apostel Petrus Kirche” in order  to demonstrate a sign of ecumenical friendship in gratitude for the long lasting hospitality in the Catholic “Leonhardikirche”.


The modern church with its shingle roof , designed by Gustav Gsaenger, fits well into the mountainous landscape of our area.

Evangelische Christuskirche in Schliersee (Kopie 1)

Evangelical Lutheran Christus Kirche in Schliersee


The church was closed recently for security reasons. A rotten wooden beam could fall from the ceiling. The church community has only 500 members and is not able to raise enough money (350 000 €) for the renovation.

A small amount of donations has been collected so far.

St. Leonhards Kirche in Neuhaus (Kopie 1)

St. Leonhard's Church in Neuhaus


This chaple, located on the main road from Schliersee to Neuhaus, was built from 1646 - 1688 by Georg Zwerger.

The early Baroque altars and stucco works were designed by local artists. The baroque central building, an elongated octagon with rounded corners, fits nicely into the unique landscape.


Every year on the first Sunday in November horse enthusiasts , wearing traditional costumes, get together for the famous Leonhardi ride from Schliersee to the St.Leonhard’ s Church in Neuhaus. Beautifully decorated carriages are drawn by nicely groomed horses along the lake and around the church. The service and the blessing of the horses are the highlight of this colourful pilgrimage.

St. Sixtus Kirche in Schliersee

St. Sixtus church in Schliersee


Built from 1712 - 1715 on the site of the previous medieval church, the baroque St.Sixtus church is one of the most beautiful and most attractive churches in our area.


You may discover so many familiar names such as Jan Polak (famous painting in St. Nicholas Chapel), Erasmus Grasser (mercy seat of 1490), Hans Zwerger (carpentry) or Johann Baptist Zimmermann (Lady altar, stucco and frescoes).

St. Martins Kirche in Westenhofen

St. Martin's Church in Schliersee – Westenhofen


Dating back to 8th century the former church on the outskirts of Schliersee was the oldest parish church of the valley. From 1734 - 1737 on the site of the medieval church a baroque church was built. , The late-Gothic tower dates back to 1529 and the side altars to 1635.


In 1878 the interior of church was transformed into rococo style according to the former taste. In the sanctuary, two frescoes showing scenes of the legend of St.Martin survived during the construction period.

St. Georg Kapelle auf dem Weinberg in Schliersee

St. Georg Chapel on top of the “Weinberg” in Schliersee


After a short walk from the town hall, you can reach this picturesque chapel from the 14th century. The chapel is situated on a romantic hill, called Weinberg , that rises behind the town hall and offers a unique view of the village, the lake and the mountains.


The chapel is built in Gothic style, however the main attraction is the baroque altar of 1624.


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