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Heritage Museum


The Schlierseer Heritage museum in the heart of Schliersee hosts an impressive collection showing how people used to live in former times. The so-called "Schredl" house , a stone building of the county "Hohenwaldeck", dating back to the 14th century and the attached farmhouse of the 15th century became a museum in 1916.


The rooms with their wooden ceilings and the barrel vault of the Waldeckerbau are still preserved in its original state. Do not miss to look at the unique “Raachkucha”, a historic kitchen, well equipped with many original useful items or the “Rindenkobel” showing how woodcutters lived in the forest.


Old traditional costumes, glass objects , produced in Schliersee, fishing equipment or tools for linen production are worth to beseen as well.

Öffnungszeiten des Heimatmuseums

Heritage Museum

Opening times:
May to  October Tuesday to Friday 03.00 pm - 05.00 pm Saturday 10.00 am – noon Sunday 10.00 am - noon (only from June to October )

Guided tours can be organized all year round for groups of 10 or more. Registration necessary (3 days in advance) : Tel: 08026/7317 or 08 026 / 5608 and 08026/4397 Low season Museum open on Saturday and Sunday.



Admission: Adults 2.00 €, reduced fee with guest card 1,50 €, kids € 1.00, children under 6 years free.

Freilichtmuseum Markus Wasmeier

Wasmeier Museum Have a look into the rural life centuries ago and experience this way of life ! Maintaining this valuable heritage has become the passion of Markus Wasmeier, the former double Olympic Gold Medal winner. The completely reconstructed Old BavarianVillage " in Fischhausen is "hands-on agriculture" shown in 3 old farm houses, the Lukas Hof, the Rieder Hof and the Wofen which includes a brewery and a restaurant .


Visit an old craftsman’s house , a destillery , a small forge and an electricity museum. Enjoy this museum close to nature and look proudly back into a lively past. The old Bavarian Village Museum is located on the south bank of Schliersee close to the station Fischhausen-Neuhaus, surrounded by meadows and beautiful mountains.


Opening times: Check on the internet at www.wasmeier. reservations and bookings at: Tel: 08026/9292-20 and Fax: 08026/71669; address: Brunnbichl 5, 83727 Schliersee, E-mail:


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