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Hiking Map:

Around the Schliersee and within the ski and hiking area Spitzingsee, numerous hiking tours offer great views of lakes and mountains.

The most impressive of all mountains is the Rotwand with an altitude of 1884 m. Don’t forget to take with you the hiking map “Wandertraum”, on sale at the tourist offices in Schliersee and Neuhaus for € 5.- (scale 1:30 000) The hiking map shows a huge region around Tegernsee and -Schliersee. A small booklet includes 40 selected hiking and mountain climbing routes with detailed description.

The Interactive Region Map shows all tours which can be downloaded onto a GPS.

Private guides can be hired: Mr George Schindler, Tel: 08026-921454, Mr Jürgen Koschyk, Tel: 08026-7766

Tour suggestions


Baumerlebnisweg "Discover the new Baumerlebnisweg“, an educational round trip around Schliersee! The trail leads around the Schliersee and is accessible all year round. Start at the “Lido” campsite on the southwestern shore of the lake, pass the Rixner Alm and the boat houses at Fischhausen and head back to the vital welt. Along the way find information in two-languages (English and German) about the flora. Walking time 2 hours


"Around the Spitzingsee" An easy tour around the beautiful mountain lake. On billboards read all about the local wildlife and plants. Walking time: around 1 ½ hours.

Nordic Walking


Nordic walking, a new sport : Similar to cross-country skiing you use two poles for walking. You improve your muscle strength and and burn 55 % more fat. Would you like to get this new, intense feeling of walking? Get in contact with our experienced trainer Gerd Mueller, who will show you the first steps of Nordic Walking.


More information at the local tourist office.

Nordic Blading


Probably you have already used roller blades. Try it again using sticks and discover the new dynamic sport of Nordic Blading.


Originally Nordic Blading was a training tool for cross-country skiers during summertime. The movement is very similar to skating. Today, Nordic Blading is renowned as a very popular fitness and health sport, as it is a full-body workout. Enjoy these flowing movements and the silent gliding in our beautiful countryside.



Contact: Gerd Müller, member of the German Ski teaching team : Tel: 08026-4162


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